Digital Labor

mTurk Workers: We're Here & We're Human

Sat, November 15
01:30 PM - 04:00 PM
Kellen Auditorium (101)
66 5th Ave., 1st Floor

Panel Discussion
(Moderated by Lilly Irani)

mTurk Workers: We’re Here and We’re Human
Digital labor casts workers as parts of human computation — as resources, as parts of a machine, or even as the power behind the “human API.” Journalists have characterized microwork as digital sweatshops. However, the ecology of microwork defies such flattening characterizations. Microworkers run worker forums, review websites, and worker-maintained tools; they also mobilize to change their work conditions. Our panelists are long-time microworkers who will speak to workers’ experiences, the hidden organizations that sustain microwork and workers, the challenges of microwork activism, and the futures of digital labor.