Digital Labor

Design the Future of the Networked Workplace

Sun, November 16
12:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Leadership Center (802)
80 5th Ave, 8th Floor


This event has a limited capacity. Please register in advance.

Design the Future of the Networked Workplace
Browser extensions like Turkopticon show that interface hacking is a practice ripe with opportunities for worker intervention in the digital workplace. Turkopticon’s thousands of users prove that such interventions are indeed appreciated, but are still too rare and limited to become a force to reckon with. Looking to cross the boundaries of academic discussion, this workshop/hackathon would invite participants to modify the interfaces of crowdsourcing platforms and other online sites of digital labor. Through this hands-on session we will suggest enhancements, amendments and challenges to the dominant interfaces of production and control. Borrowing Silicon Valley terminology such as ‘beta,’ ‘user centered design,’ ‘hackathon,’ ‘rapid innovation,’ and even the term ‘crowdsourcing’ itself, we would set the ground for an experiment in political imagination. The positive and proactive framing of the hackathon could also serve as an opportunity to engage workers, unions, academics, designers, technologists and even companies such as AMT in the debate. The results of this session would be browser extensions, hacks and prototypes which could potentially begin to carve some space for worker solidarity, political organization and the unionization of the networked workforce.

This hackathon is supported by UC San Diego CalIT2.