Digital Labor

Yates Mckee

Yates Mckee is an art critic whose work has appeared in October, The Nation, Waging Nonviolence, South Atlantic Quarterly, and more. He has worked with groups including Arts and Labor, Strike Debt, GULF, and Flood Wall Street. He is co-editor of the magazine Tidal, and his book Art After Occupy: Creativity Against Capitalism, 2000-2015 is forthcoming in 2015 from Verso Books.

Art, Precarity, and Communization After Occupy: Battlegrounds of Reproduction

The struggles of precarious workers do not adhere to typical models of union organizing based in the assumption of a finite workplace and regular employer, spreading instead into broader domains of social reproduction. This talk will examine the ways in which politicized cultural workers navigated this conundrum during and after the anti-capitalist rupture of Occupy. Two tensions are explored. The first is the relationship between struggles of highly privelged cultural workers such as artists, and those of low-income workers in the service sector and beyond. The second concerns the tension between efforts at workplace empowerment per se, and then the drive to construct self-organized counter-institutions along the lines of what has recently been thoerized in terms of “commoning,” with an emphasis on three key “battlegrounds of social reproduction”: indebtedness, gentrification, and climate crisis.

Culture Workers of the World Unite!
Fri, November 14
10:45 AM - 01:15 PM