Digital Labor

Prayag Narula


Prayag Narula is the Co-founder and President of LeadGenius, a venture backed sales automation company that uses a combination of digital workers and technology to provide sales support to companies around the world. Before LeadGenius, Prayag worked at Finland’s top research institute as a researcher in their Ubiquitous Interaction group. He is the author of several book chapters and papers on Crowdsourcing, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Networks and Network Security. Prayag holds an M.S. in Information Science and HCI from UC Berkeley and a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Delhi.

Your Friend Who Works Online
A few months ago, my friend called me up out of the blue and told me that she met a digital worker at a party whose sole job is to work online on LeadGenius. She told me excitedly, “I thought all your workers were in India.” I don’t blame her for making such an assumption. The results of a quick Google search for the phrases “outsourcing labor” or “find remote work” reveal a common stereotype when it comes to digital labor - that the majority of these opportunities are underpaid and go to females, often in third world countries. While there is some truth to that, digital opportunities have grown over the last decade, and are often filled by folks of all races, genders and classes. In his talk, I will explore how gender, ability and class play out in the diverse fields of digital labor, and how finding the right person for a role is more important than the right location.

Fairness in Crowd Work
Fri, November 14
02:15 PM - 04:45 PM