Digital Labor

Örsan Şenalp


Örsan Şenalp is the founder of NetwOrg. He manages and coordinates several online projects like Social Network Unionism blog, Networked Labour website and email list, and Global Networked Labour Union project. He collaborates with others in distributed and networked politics, transnational and informational political economy of labour and social movements, collaborative online self-organizing and action, and collective campaigning. / GNUnion / GNUnion is a collaboration for the creation of a web portal that aims to provide tools, links, advice, and ideas for digital and analog workers forced to comply with increasingly harsh benefit schemes. / GNUnion would allow them to engage in anonymous self-expression of grievances, collaboration, self-organizing and action building creating a place for digital (and all) labor to describe and shape ourselves.

Fri, November 14
05:15 PM - 06:00 PM