Digital Labor

Dmytri Kleiner


Dmytri Kleiner is a software developer and the author of The Telekommunist Manifesto. Dmytri is a contributing artist to the Miscommunication Technologies continuing series of artworks by Telekommunisten, such as deadSwap, Thimbl, R15N and OCTO. Miscommunication Technologies address the social relations embedded in communications platforms by bringing aspects which are normally hidden from view to the foreground to be critically experienced and confronted. In The Telekommunist Manifesto, Kleiner has published the Peer-Production license  a commons-friendly license the author has described as CopyFarLeft, and proposed Venture Communism, a mode of worker-controlled production modeled on peer networks and the pastoral commons. He can be followed at

How Capitalism broke the Internet
In The::Cyber.Com/munist::Manifesto Richard Barbrook wrote “Within the Net, people are developing the most advanced form of collective labour: work-as-gift.” How did we get from the Internet’s early promise of emancipation to being what Adam Curtis described as “helpless components in a global system—a system that is controlled by a rigid logic that we are powerless to challenge or to change.” Dmytri Kleiner takes us from the Eternal September, when a mass user base was first connected to the Internet to the Hacker Spring, calling for a hacker movement that is embedded in the the struggle against capitalism, which is ultimately the root cause of the transformation of the Internet into an apparatus of control and surveillance.