Digital Labor

Caroline Woolard


Caroline Woolard is an artist and organizer based in Brooklyn, New York who works between the solidarity economy and conceptual art. Making media, sculptures, furniture, and events, Woolard co-creates spaces for critical exchange, forgotten histories, and desire inducing narratives. Her practice is research-based and collaborative. Sensing that each project transforms the people who make it, Woolard opens spaces for co-production rather than toiling alone. In 2009, Woolard cofounded three organizations to support collaborative cultural production; three long-term infrastructure projects that support short-term artworks: a studio space,, and Trade Working with conceptual artists, educators in the solidarity economy movement, and technologists in start-ups, Caroline Woolard labors for political economies of cooperation.

Case Studies in Solidarity, not “Sharing” Economies
If resource sharing is a paradigm of the 21st century, how do we build trust and communicate effectively at intimate-distance? This talk will explore the subjectivities made (im)possible by solidarity economies, both analog and digital. Culled from six years of research and development as a co-founder of and Trade, two barter networks for cultural producers, as well as the media coordinator of, Woolard’s talk reflects upon a contemporary fumbling for sharing relationships in a networked information age.