Internet as Playground and Factory

Local No. 12

Local No.12 is an experimental game collective. Veteran designers and technologists, the members of LocalNo.12 came together to invent new forms of emergent social play.

Local No. 12 is Mike Edwards, Colleen Macklin, John Sharp and Eric Zimmerman.

Mike Edwards
With multiple degrees in design, technology, and anthropology, you could say that Mike is more than obsessed with how people and machines fit together. After completing genuinely helpful projects like designing medical devices to diagnose child malnutrition in Malawi, he has turned his talents to the more questionable realm of games. Currently a research faculty at Parsons The New School for Design, Mike lends his coding powerhouse skills to Local No.12 games like BackChatter.

Colleen Macklin
Colleen is a design spaz. Perhaps that explains why she has made games for such wildly divergent platforms, from physical sports to big urban games to the iPhone. She is a professor in Communication, Design, and Technology at Parsons, and runs the PETLab, an experimental game lab that has nothing to do with pets. Colleen leads client-side coding and experience design in Local No.12. (And she does have a pet.) Personal

John Sharp
John makes a living biting off more than he can chew. Sporting a PhD in Art History, a former career as a DJ, and ongoing work in game scholarship, media design, and game development – plus a full-time professorship at Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta – John is a proud workaholic. John leads the visual and interaction design of Local No.12’s games. He also leads the group in esoteric tattoos. Site:

Eric Zimmerman
Eric is addicted to game design. He has been working in the game industry for more than 15 years and has created far too many games, both on and off the computer. Eric was the co-founder of NYC-based developer Gamelab, which he helped run for nine years, spinning off The Institute of Play and Gamestar Mechanic. Eric is also co-author of the game design textbook Rules of Play. In Local No.12, Eric spearheads game design, writing, and shameless self-promotion. Personal site: