Internet as Playground and Factory

Laura E. DeNardis


Dr. Laura DeNardis is the Executive Director of the Yale Information Society Project.  She is an Internet scholar, teaches at Yale Law School, and is the author of Protocol Politics: The Globalization of Internet Governance (The MIT Press 2009), Information Technology in Theory (Thompson 2007 with Pelin Aksoy), and numerous book chapters and articles.


Internet Governance:  Where Digital Labor Determines Digital Freedom

The work of Internet governance - such as managing Internet resources and setting technical standards - is not only an issue of technical design but a form of technological rulemaking about the public's civil liberties online.  For example, some Internet standards are at the center of technology and law questions about copyright filtering, surveillance and censorship, and individual privacy.  The work of Internet governance is primarily done by private institutions, often operating outside the jurisdiction of traditional governments and completely out of public view.  While the production of content may be increasingly democratized, the production of technical architecture is not.  DeNardis will examine the shift from the traditional policy work of governments and citizens to the more diffusive and private institutional labor of Internet governance structures and will examine the role of openness, transparency, and other democratic values in helping to legitimate such a shift.