Internet as Playground and Factory

The BackChatter Game

BackChatter-- a game about predicting Twitter trends. Designed to be played at conferences like The Internet as Playground and Factory, beating BackChatter means sharpening your socio-linguistic smarts.

The game is divided into rounds that correspond to sessions at the event where BackChatter is taking place. Each round, you pick three words that you think will be popular in tweets about the conference ... Read more during the next game round. You send in your votes with a direct message to the game consisting of the three words you want to pick.

During the next round, you get points whenever anyone uses your words in a tweet about the event (tweets marked with #IPF09). The value of a word is based on how many people voted on it: the MORE people that picked a word, the LESS valuable it is. So the most valuable words are the words that no one else selected.

A website keeps track of player scores from round to round, and has other useful info, like a dynamic word cloud formed from tweets about the event. (If you do visit the game site, just remember that a game
might not be in session so there might not be any game data showing.)

BackChatter is a project by Mike Edwards, Colleen Macklin, John Sharp and Eric Zimmerman.